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Why Does My Furnace Smell?

September 19, 2016

If your furnace emits an odor of any sort, it is cause for concern. Though gas and oil furnaces will often produce a faint scent of burnt fuel, if you smell an odor any stronger than that, it will usually require furnace repair service from an HVAC professional. Let’s take a look at the different types […]

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What Kind of Heating System Should I Get?

September 12, 2016

When it comes to heating a home or business, most people are a bit confused as to which system is the best. The truth is that each heating system has its own unique merits. The heating system that makes the most sense for you and your home might not be ideal for your neighbor or […]

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Benefits of Signing Up for an HVAC Maintenance Plan

August 10, 2016

Ohio summers are hot and muggy, and winters in the Morrow area are blisteringly cold. That’s why having a functional heating and cooling system is crucial for your family’s comfort year-round. The best way to ensure that your HVAC system continues to function at peak performance is by scheduling regular tune-ups—and the easiest way to […]

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Benefits of Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

May 9, 2016

If you have noticed your energy costs skyrocketing once you turn your AC system on, or you have a system that is older than 10 years old, you may be wondering if replacing your system is worth it. It is likely you have heard that an energy efficient air conditioner model is better than an […]

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Changing Your Thermostat from Heat to Cool

April 18, 2016

As spring gets into full force the temperatures will start to warm up outside. Even though you may have a goal not to turn your AC on until a certain date, your home may convince you otherwise. Before it’s time to switch your thermostat from heat mode to cooling mode, there are some things you […]

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