How to Stay Warm When Your Furnace Breaks Down

October 29, 2013

There’s nothing worse than waking up shivering in the dead of winter because your furnace isn’t working properly. Despite good heating practices in your home and scheduling annual furnace inspections, a furnace breakdown can happen to the best of us in Cincinnati.  If your furnace breaks down and your home is no longer being heated, the first thing you should do is call a local heating company, like Rick’s Heating & Cooling.

No matter when you need furnace repair service, the team at Rick’s Heating & Cooling has your back! Whether it’s 4 p.m. or 4 a.m., we understand the importance of having your furnace fixed quickly and correctly.

When you need emergency heating service on the coldest days of the season in Cincinnati, contact Rick’s Heating & Cooling.

In the meantime, we’ve pulled together some of the best tips for staying warm until your Rick’s Heating & Cooling furnace technician arrives.

Tips for Staying Warm without Heat

Make sure your windows are closed properly – by keeping your windows air tight, you can decrease the amount of heat that is currently in your house from escaping and also prevent colder air from coming in to further cool down your home.

Seal your doorways – cold air can sneak in under your door and around the frame. If you feel a draft on your feet when you stand by the door, temporarily prevent this from lowering the temperature of your home by stuffing a towel near the bottom of the door.

Light a fire – unless it’s from a power outage, gas or wood burning fireplaces will still work when your furnace goes out. Start a fire for light and warmth if your heat goes out.

Use drapes wisely – keep drapes and curtains open during the day to let sunlight warm up your home. Close your drapes at night to keep that heat in! Heavier curtains can also prevent drafts from entering in cracks in your window seals. If you’re getting really serious, you can attach Velcro to the edges of the curtains and the wall to make a seal—less air can escape through the curtains and out the window that way.

Close off unused rooms – if you’re staying at home for an extended time while your furnace is out, shut the doors to any rooms that your family won’t be using. Doing so creates another barrier between the used areas of your home and the cold Ohio temperatures outside.

Close in high-use rooms – going off the last tip, if your family is all hanging out in the same room, hang sheets and blankets up in the doorways to keep all the existing heat in that room.

Bundle up! – It may seem obvious, but layer on the socks and sweaters. You lose a lot of your body heat through your appendages—that means your feet, hands, and especially head.

Bake some sweet treats – if you’ve been craving to make a batch of grandma’s secret chocolate chip cookie recipe, using your oven will help heat up your kitchen. If you don’t have all the ingredients, a cup of warm hot chocolate can still make a big difference!

Light a candle – time travel back to a time before furnaces and heat pumps. Candles produce a surprising amount of heat. Just make sure your family safely uses candles and never leaves them in rooms unattended.

Schedule Your Cincinnati Furnace Repair or Replacement

Call a furnace repair company – this is the best, and most obvious, step for getting your furnace up and running again this winter. If your furnace is still fairly new, you most likely won’t be spending too much on your furnace repairs. If your furnace is older and repairs look like they’re going to run you about $1,000 or more, it might be time for furnace replacement. We often recommend furnace replacement in place of overly expensive repairs, as the increased furnace efficiency will likely save you significantly in the long run and decrease the chance of your furnace breaking down later this winter or in coming years!

Call Rick’s Heating & Cooling today for furnace repair or replacement in Cincinnati, Morrow, Lebanon, Amelia, Sharonville, Loveland, and the surrounding areas.