What’s the Lifespan of a Whole-House Humidifier?

November 19, 2013

Winter air can seem dry and stale due to the decrease in humidity outside and increase in furnace-warmed air inside. While this drier condition can lead to allergies, chapped lips, dry skin, and more, many homeowners in your area combat these aggravations by installing a whole-house humidifier.

There’s not a lot that can go wrong with a whole-house humidifying system, but how long can you expect a whole-house humidifier to last?

The number of years your system will run depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • Maintenance and up-keep
  • Installation standards
  • Make and model
  • Annual inspections and professional repair

The indoor air quality experts at Rick’s Heating & Cooling have installed numerous humidifiers throughout the Morrow, Ohio area and can help your whole-house humidifier last more than five years. Here, we’ve broken down the factors that impact its lifespan.

Maintenance and Up-Keep

A whole-house humidifier can increase the humidity in your home and make it a comfortable environment throughout the winter, but it’s not a system that you can install and forget about. Like any home appliance, you should regularly check on and maintain your humidifier to ensure that it can operate effectively and efficiently. Simple up-keep—including keeping debris and clutter away from it and checking for mold from overly high levels of moisture in the air—can extend its lifespan.

Installation Standards

If you’re looking to install a whole-house humidifier that will work efficiently for the full-extent of its lifespan, you should hire a professional heating and cooling company. They will ensure that the system is properly hooked up and can complement your heating system to provide the best indoor air quality all winter long.

Improper installation can lead to repairs and a shortened lifespan.

Make and Model

The brand and type of humidifier that you install can impact its lifespan. At Rick’s Heating & Cooling, we install Aprilaire models, including:

  • Better: 500M & 600M that feature a built-in bypass damper designed for small to mid-sized homes
  • Best: 500 & 600 that feature automatic control, a built-in bypass damper with summer and winter settings. The Aprilaire Model 600 is the best performing bypass humidifier on the market

All Aprilaire humidifiers installed after 2007 come with a 5-year limited warranty on parts.

Annual Inspections

When you schedule your annual furnace tune-up before the heating season begins, have your HVAC technician take a look at your whole-house humidifier. They can check that it’s still in working order and will help maintain proper humidity levels in your home. They will also be able to spot potential repairs—fixing these in a timely, professional manner can prevent further repairs or replacement.

Install a Whole-House Humidifier in Morrow, Ohio

Installing a whole-house humidifier will not only make your home more comfortable, it can also:

  • Reduce static electricity and static shocks
  • Ease coughs, colds, flu, and hay fever
  • Improve your indoor air quality
  • Create moist air that is easier on your lungs, allowing asthma sufferers to breathe and sleep easier
  • Keep wood floors, furniture, wallpaper, etc. hydrated and prevent cracking
  • Help reduce dust particles and kill bacteria

If you want to install a whole-house humidifier in your Cincinnati area home—or if you need repairs on your current system—contact Rick’s Heating & Cooling today!

We have been helping your neighbors improve their indoor air quality for years and can ensure that we professionally and properly install a humidifier system that adds value to your home and its comfort. Contact us today!