Are Your AC Coils Dirty?

March 9, 2020

Your air conditioner has condenser coils that are responsible for transferring the hot air from your home to the outdoor air. When your AC is running, refrigerant carries heat from inside your home through those coils. Outdoor air blows over the coils, and heat is transferred from the refrigerant to the air. This removes the heat from your home, so your indoor air is cooler and more comfortable.

These critical coils are located inside the outdoor unit of your AC, which makes them vulnerable to dirt and debris buildup. If you don’t take measures to clean your condenser coils, that buildup can greatly impact your system’s overall efficiency.

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Signs Your AC Coils May Be Dirty

Can you tell if your air conditioner coils are getting dirty? Some signs that indicate you may have a problem include:

  • Inefficient cooling – The dirt on the condenser coils prevents the unit from cooling the air properly. When air is blown over the coils, the heat inside the coils can’t transfer to the air, which means it will not be properly removed from your home.
  • High energy bills – Another sign that your condenser coils are dirty is higher-than-normal energy bills. It takes more work to cool the home when the coils are dirty, which means more energy use.
  • Full system breakdowns – Dirty coils cause the system to work harder, and this eventually will increase the likelihood of a full system breakdown.

If you’re noticing these problems, then it’s time to have your coils cleaned. With professional cleaning, you can keep your air conditioning working well.

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FAQs About Cleaning Your Condenser Coils

Proper air conditioner maintenance will help prevent your coils from becoming dirty, but if you notice a problem, you may want to clean them yourself. Here are some frequently asked questions about cleaning condenser coils.

How can you clean your air conditioning condenser coils?

To clean your air conditioner’s condenser coils, first remove all visible debris from the outdoor unit. Then, cover the unit with coil cleaner. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, and rinse it with water. If that does not help, call a pro.

Why should you clean your air conditioning condenser coils?

Keeping the condenser coils clean helps your air conditioner run effectively and efficiently. Letting the coils get dirty can drive up your cooling costs significantly. It also can shorten the life span of your system by increasing the risk of a full system breakdown.

How often should I clean the condenser coils?

Clean the condenser coils at least one time a year. Leaving them dirty can increase your energy use significantly. If you have routine maintenance performed each year, this will be done as part of your cooling season maintenance check.

If you’re struggling with dirty AC coils, the team at Rick’s Heating & Cooling is ready to help. Call (513) 899-6005 or schedule a consultation online to discuss maintenance plans that include condenser coil cleaning.