Air Conditioner Repair: Is It an Emergency?

April 19, 2017

When your air conditioning suddenly burns out or stops working, we definitely consider it an AC emergency for homeowners here in greater Cincinnati. That’s because our high mid-summer temperatures (which often continue through the night) can be dangerous for local families. If this happens to you, Rick’s Heating & Cooling provides emergency AC repair—around the clock—to quickly restore your home comfort.

The Dangers of Intense Mid-Summer Heat in Cincinnati

Emergency AC breakdowns, by definition, occur in mid-summer, when you absolutely require your cooling system. Going without your AC system is potentially harmful (and an emergency situation) because:

  • Without your AC, your Morrow-area house gets muggy and uncomfortable, but also creates an unhealthy environment for you.
  • Intense heat is especially harmful for kids, pets, people with chronic illness, and, of course, the elderly members of your family.
  • The vulnerable members of your household may not realize, or be able to tell you, that they are suffering from dangerous dehydration or heat exhaustion.

Heat-Related Sleep Problems Also Put You at Risk

Other dangers of uncontrolled heat in the home are less obvious. Think about how important your AC is for proper sleep in the summertime. Make sure to call for emergency AC repairs in Cincinnati will help you avoid some of the following dangers of poor sleep due to heat and humidity:

  • If you lack sleep, your more likely to develop health problems.
  • You may have trouble taking care of people you love.
  • If you haven’t slept properly, you’re at greater risk to cause (or get involved in) car accidents, falls, and other injuries.

Signs Your AC May Be Failing—Call for Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

Don’t wait for a complete AC burn-out to call for emergency cooling system repair service. If you notice these signs, you should have your AC inspected ASAP:

  • Won’t turn on: If your AC is completely out, as discussed above, that’s an AC emergency! Check that your cooling system is turned to “cool” and check the circuit breaker—but if basics like this don’t fix it… call Rick’s anytime for immediate repairs.
  • Strange sounds: This could be a worn belt, which needs prompt, professional attention.
  • Blows warm air: This could be due to a variety of problems, so call Rick’s for inspection.
  • Frozen coil: You may have a refrigerant leak and/or impending compressor failure. Call us to avoid a breakdown and to avoid the need to replace the compressor, which is costly. Alternatively, the air filter may be clogged. (Be sure to change your filter often during summer.)
  • Won’t cool certain areas: If your AC doesn’t make your entire home comfortable, there could be a problem in the duct system or you may need to add grills/registers or zoned cooling capability.

Remember, regular professional maintenance can help prevent expensive repairs or sudden AC breakdowns. 

Rick’s Is Always on Call for Your AC Emergency

If your cooling system goes out when you most need it, Rick’s is ready to perform emergency AC repairs—anytime. Based in Morrow, OH, we provide on-call emergency AC service in Lebanon, Mason, Maineville and the Cincinnati area. We want to help you avoid all of the above dangers and make sure your home is always a cool, comfortable sanctuary for you and your loved ones.

Keep our number in your phone—and call on Ricks Heating & Cooling for emergency AC repairs 24/7/365. We’ll be there in a hurry to restore your cooling system to proper, safe operation. In an AC emergency, call us at 513-899-6005