Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell Musty?

March 2, 2016

If you have noticed a smell coming from your AC that smells like wet laundry left sitting too long, you may be concerned. This musty smell is not uncommon but it can signal that something is going on inside your system. If you do smell a musty odor you will need to investigate quickly.

Investigating a Musty HVAC Smell

There are a few things you can check when it comes to your AC system and a mold or mildew smell.

  • The drip pan – If there is build up in the drip pan, it can lead to a mold build up and could be the source of the smell. If the drip pan is not draining properly you can try unclogging it. If this works you will also want to bleach the tray and the coils until they are free of mold or mildew build up. Be sure everything is completely dry before you place it back in your system.
  • The ducts – Your ducts and vents can also be a culprit when it comes to a mildew smell. If you have noticed that the humidity levels in your home cause a damp feeling this can affect your HVAC vents. This dark and damp area can be a breeding ground for mold. Have a professional check your vents, if they do find build up it will need to be cleaned out quickly.
  • The filter – If your systems filter is clogged, dirty, or it becomes exposed to mold and mildew you may have mildew growth on your filter. This is a good place to check first, if this is the problem, replace your AC filters.
  • The AC unit – If it seems your ducts are clean, there is no build up in your drip pan, and your filter is new, yet you still have a mildew smell, the problem could be inside your air conditioning system. Mold or mildew may have built up in the system. Once this happens the mold and mildew problem can spread easily. If you think this may be the problem, have an expert inspect your system.

Whether you have only smelt it once or you smell it whenever your system is turned on, it is important to deal with the problem promptly. Mold and mildew spreads quickly. The tiniest spores can turn into a major mold or mildew problem which can then be hard to eliminate.

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