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What to Consider Before Replacing Your Air Conditioner - Rick's Heating and Cooling

What to Consider Before Replacing Your Air Conditioner

April 12, 2017

Most Cincinnati homeowners will go through an AC repair-or-replace dilemma at some point in their lives, and we’re here with some expert advice to help you decide if it makes more economic sense to keep repairing your old AC system—or replace it with a new, modern and energy efficient cooling system. The decision is not always cut and dried, and personal concerns come into play of course, but here we’ll share some guidelines that will make your choice easier.

7 Questions to Consider Before Deciding on New AC Installation in the Morrow, OH Area

1) Does your existing AC run on R-22?

R-22 is an environmentally unfriendly refrigerant found in most older AC systems manufactured before 2010. This refrigerant is being phased out by the EPA, so if you need a refrigerant re-charge or have a leak, installing a new cooling system makes good sense. R-22 is more expensive than ever due to the phase-out and difficult to get, and retrofitting an old system to use newer refrigerants is typically cost-prohibitive.

2) Are your energy bills too high?

New air conditioning systems are engineered to be so much more efficient than older models, that lower energy bills will start paying you back right away when you install a new energy-efficient cooling system.

3) Is your home dusty and musty?

Your current AC and filtration may need an upgrade and a new AC system can help remedy indoor air quality issues. If you have allergies you may be suffering needlessly and a new, advanced air conditioning system with an air cleaner could work wonders.

4) Are parts of your home always uncomfortable?

If your current central AC has issues, and your home is not comfortable for your family and guests, you should factor your lack of comfort into the equation, when deciding whether now is the time to replace your old AC. Are some rooms always to hot? Do you need to make the whole house frigid in order to get the bedrooms cool enough for sleep? A new cooling system with proper zoning can lower energy bills and improve home comfort.

5) Are our Ohio summers too humid—even inside your home?

A new air conditioning system can better address humidity and make you more comfortable and productive at home. You’ll sleep better too. Excess humidity isn’t good for you or your house. It can lead to unhealthy mold growth and damage the structure of your house. Factor in superior humidity control if considering AC replacement.

6) Do you have an expensive AC repair looming?

If you have AC coil or condenser problems, such as corrosion (which is common in older air conditioners), this is a costly repair. Consider putting the potential repair cost toward a new air conditioning system instead.

7) Is your existing AC unbearably noisy?

A new cooling system can remedy this, along with proper planning and installation practices from a quality HVAC contractor.

Get Expert Advice About AC Replacement in Ohio

If you answered “yes” to most of the above questions, now may be the ideal time to select a new AC system. At Rick’s Heating & Cooling, our expert AC technicians can help you analyze your current home cooling needs and the condition of your existing AC system.

We’ll help you to weigh up your comfort needs, air quality and budget (including the latest energy rebates in our area) to determine whether it’s time for a new central AC in your Cincinnati area home. You can depend upon us for cooling system repairs—or system design, new AC sizing and expert installation (depending upon your needs). Contact us online or call 513-899-6005 today!