Do I Need an End-of-Season AC Tune-Up?

June 14, 2022

It may seem as if summer just began, but in just a few months, the kids will be back in school and summer will officially be transitioning into fall. During this time, when your air conditioning use drops dramatically, it’s a good idea to schedule an end-of-season tune-up, especially if you missed your spring maintenance this year. The experienced professionals at Rick’s Heating & Cooling can inspect and clean your system to keep everything working well all year long.

Mark your calendar now for end-of-summer tasks, and call the team at Rick’s to schedule your tune-up!

DIY Air Conditioning Maintenance

There are some aspects of end-of-season air conditioning maintenance that you can address yourself. Before switching from cool to heat, take these steps to retire your air conditioner for the winter:

  • Clean or change your air filter
  • Use your hose to flush the outdoor unit of debris and dirt. Just make sure the unit is off when cleaning it.
  • Vacuum all air vents and returns
  • Never cover air conditioner, even in off-season, as condensation could build up and create rust

Professional End-of-Season Air Conditioning Tune-Up

In addition to the tips above, it’s important to schedule a professional tune-up in the fall, when you’re ready to transition from cooling to heating, especially if you didn’t have it done in the spring. When you choose Rick’s Heating & Cooling, you can expect the following to take place during that appointment:

  • Air filters are replaced (unless already taken care of by homeowner)
  • Thermostat is calibrated
  • Refrigerant levels are checked and adjusted as necessary
  • Electrical connections are tightened
  • Motor voltages and currents are measured
  • Evaporator coil is inspected
  • Condenser coil is cleaned
  • Moving parts are lubricated
  • Airflow is tested and corrected if necessary
  • Condensate drain is inspected and cleaned
  • Difference in temperature between supply air and return air is assessed
  • Safety controls are checked
  • Clearances around equipment are inspected

Why Tune Your Air Conditioner at the End of the Season?

It’s always a good idea to tune your AC before the summer heat, but if you missed this year’s spring tune-up, it’s not too late. By tuning up your system at the end of the season, you can still reap these benefits:

  • Extend the life span of your HVAC system
  • Prevent costly breakdowns
  • Tune air conditioner and furnace at the same time, so your heating system is ready for winter as well
  • Keep your warranty valid

Schedule Your End-of-Season AC Tune-Up with Rick’s Heating & Cooling

August and September are great months to schedule your fall end-of-season air conditioning tune-up, but Rick’s Heating & Cooling is here for you all year long. With our preventative maintenance inspections and services, you can protect your HVAC system and extend the life of your investment. We’re proud to continue delivering excellent cooling and heating services to the residents and businesses of Cincinnati, and we will work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Don’t miss out on your end-of-season tune-up. Schedule your services for August or September, today. Call us at 513-899-6005 or contact us online to get started.