How To Fix Uneven Cooling in a Two-Story Home

July 21, 2022

Summers in Cincinnati, OH, can be surprisingly warm. Unfortunately, many local homes struggle to enjoy even cooling on upper and lower floors. HVAC systems can have difficulty keeping upper floors as cool as lower floors without making the lower floors colder than necessary.

There are many different reasons for uneven cooling in a multi-story home. Fortunately, there are also many solutions. In this article, we’ll cover the causes and solutions to uneven cooling problems.

Causes of Uneven Cooling in a Two-Story Home

Many factors can influence the temperature difference between a home’s first and second stories. A few things that can cause a major temperature difference include:

  • Failing air conditioner: An AC unit over a decade old can have trouble keeping your entire home comfortable.
  • Leaking air ducts: Air ducts with cracks can let cool air escape into your attic or floors.
  • Sunlight: Sun shining into the home can quickly heat the immediate space.
  • Lack of insulation: Low-quality or lack of insulation can make it hard to keep the outdoor heat outside the home.
  • Rising heat from within the home: Cooking and other activities happening on the first floor can lead to rising heat that warms the second floor.

The temperature difference between two floors is a common issue for many homeowners in the Cincinnati region. Keeping a comfortable temperature on the first and second floors can be difficult, especially if any of the above situations apply.

Ways To Fix Uneven Cooling in Your Two-Story Home

While uneven temperatures are a problem in many multi-story homes, there are a few solutions. Here are a few ways you can help even out the temperature between the two floors of your home:

  • Install a new air conditioner: A new AC unit can provide quicker cooling and energy efficiency, keeping your home more comfortable.
  • Seal leaking air ducts: Sealing cracks in your air ducts can stop cool air from escaping into the attic or the space between floors.
  • Close blinds during the day: Blocking the sun from entering the home can significantly reduce the overall temperature.
  • Install extra insulation: Additional insulation can help keep out the heat from the outside.
  • Add a two-zone thermostat: A new thermostat can let you turn on the AC upstairs, delivering most of the cool air to the top floor.

Depending on the specific problem, some or all of these options may help keep the upper floor cooler during hot summer days. It’s best to consult a professional HVAC technician to determine the cause of the cooling issue in your home before investing in a solution.

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