How to Fix Uneven Heating in Your Home

December 22, 2017

There’s more to a successful furnace than just keeping you warm. Your furnace should provide your home with substantial heat, work efficiently, have minimal problems, and heat your home evenly. If your furnace is only heating a few rooms in your home properly and neglecting others, you need to schedule a repair service.

Need help figuring out why you’re not getting the even home heating you want and need? Follow along with the certified HVAC pros at Rick’s Heating & Cooling to find out.

Common Causes for Uneven Heating And How to Fix Them

Of course what you do to remedy the issue is going to depend heavily on what the issue actually is. In this case, there are actually a few potential problems going on, including:

  • Constricted or closed vents. First up, take a moment to examine all of the vents and returns located around your home. Vents that are closed or blocked by furniture or rugs are the leading cause for cold spots in a home, and they’re easy to fix. So start here in case you can save yourself the trouble of a repair call.
  • Sneaky drafts. Feel around all windows and doors to eliminate the possibility of something left ajar. It’s also possible that your windows might be constricting slightly and thus letting outdoor air in, which can be temporarily remedied with a winter window kit or some rope caulk.
  • Insulation. In order to keep heated air in your home you need to be certain you have adequate and effective insulation. If you’ve just moved into your home it’s always wise to get a complete energy evaluation to avoid the problems poor insulation can cause.
  • Pinholes in ducts. When was the last time you had your ducts inspected? Dented and leaky ducts can cause leaks of air, making you lose out on tons of comfort and efficiency.
  • Lack of furnace maintenance. If you missed out on your annual furnace tune-up this year, that could also be the problem. Dirty air filters and gummed up furnace parts can harm the efficiency of your system considerably, leading to poor and uneven heat.
  • Incorrect furnace sizing. This would be a very unfortunate problem to have, but it’s not unheard of. If a furnace is too small, it lacks the power needed to provide even heat. A furnace that is too large will short-cycle, meaning it never really gets the job done completely before shutting itself off.
  • Damaged blower. The blower is responsible for pushing warm air through your vents. If it’s damaged, worn out, or its electrical components are out of whack then it can lead to losing out on a lot of heat.

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