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How to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer - Rick's Heating and Cooling

How to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer

April 14, 2015

Is your air conditioner prepared to take on the summertime heat? This is a question many Ohio homeowners must ask themselves as temperatures begin to rise and you and your family become more dependent on your home’s cooling system.

So, how do you know if your air conditioner is in proper working condition? Take a look at these five easy steps from Rick’s Heating & Cooling!

5 Steps to Prepare Your AC for Summer

When your air conditioner lays dormant for months at a time it collects leaves and all sorts of other debris. Because it endures the outdoor elements for as many as eight or nine months at a time, it may require a bit of cleanup in order to get it up and running in time for cooling season. We recommend:

  1. Rake or clean any collected debris. Before starting your air conditioner for the first time this summer, be sure to clear its outdoor unit of any leaves, mud, or other debris that may have settled around its condenser unit. You can also clear any fan blades or condenser coils of debris. Leaving any obstructions in or around the unit may hinder your air conditioner’s energy efficiency
  2. Clean or replace air filters. The air filters inside of your air conditioner should be cleaned or replaced whenever they become clogged. Ignoring your air filters can hinder your air conditioner’s airflow and reduce its energy efficiency, causing your cooling system to run for longer periods of time and increase your utility bill.
  3. Check refrigerant levels. Ever wonder how an air conditioner works? Your central air cools your home by condensing the refrigerant into a very cold liquid. Then, it pushes the cold air created through your ductwork and into your home. Without the proper refrigerant levels, your air conditioner is at risk for future damage and/or breakdowns and no longer operates cost-effectively.
  4. Inspect coolant tubing insulation. The refrigerant tubes and pipes that run from your air conditioner’s evaporator to its condenser are usually insulated with foam to prevent them from losing energy. Check this tubing for missing or frayed insulation and replace it to ensure maximum system efficiency.
  5. Tighten all electrical connections and lubricate all moving parts. Your air conditioner is made up of hundreds of big and small moving parts. Belts, fans, motors, and wiring all work together to cool your home. Be sure to tighten all of your AC’s electrical connections and lubricate any and all necessary moving parts. This helps ensure your air conditioner operates at maximum efficiency levels and is fully prepared for the summer. Doing so also helps prevent annoying mid-season breakdowns, something no homeowner wishes.

Air Conditioner Repair in the Cincinnati, OH Area

Rick’s Heating & Cooling has been repairing air conditioners in Cincinnati and its surrounding Ohio communities since 1986! Our team of HVAC technicians are trained to diagnose and repair any make and model air conditioning unit, including:

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