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How to Keep Your Wilmington, Ohio Home Warm with Little Heat - Rick's Heating and Cooling

How to Keep Your Wilmington, Ohio Home Warm with Little Heat

February 4, 2016

Let’s face it. Winters in Wilmington, Ohio are cold. Sometimes, when the temperatures drop at night, it may feel like your home is still cold no matter what you set the thermostat to. It’s important to not overwork your furnace—if you do, you could experience a breakdown that could be costly. Instead, there are several ways you can keep the heat inside your home to keep your home warmer this winter.

Tips to Keeping Heat Inside the Home

  • Cover windows – windows are the number one way warm air escapes and cold air comes in. There are several ways to reduce the amount of cold air that leaks through windows. First, you could purchase plastic insulators from any general hardware store. Using a hairdryer and other tools provided in the kit, you can put plastic over the windows. This especially helps if you own an older home in Wilmington and have leaky windows. Second, you could purchase heavy, dark curtains that keep out drafty air. Don’t forget to open up those curtains when the sun comes out!
  • Shut unused rooms – if you have a guest bedroom or another room that you don’t use frequently, shut the vents in that room and keep the door closed. Yes—it will be cold in there. But, it can allow heat to disperse to other areas of your home that you use more often.
  • Move furniture and rugs away from vents – this one might be obvious, but double check all of your vents in your home. You may be surprised that a rug, dog bed, or furniture is covering your vents. This could keep heat out of rooms you use most often.
  • Purchase a space heater – space heaters are perfect for those extra cold nights where you need a little extra heat. Use space heaters with extra caution, especially if you have children or pets.
  • Schedule a furnace inspection – if you find that no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to be warm in your own home, it may not be you—it could be your furnace! In Wilmington, Ohio, there is only one technician you need to know to inspect your HVAC unit—Rick’s Heating & Cooling. We can inspect your furnace to ensure it working efficiently and does not need a repai

Professional HVAC Technician in Wilmington, Ohio

If you need a professional HVAC technician in Wilmington, Ohio, look no further than Rick’s Heating & Cooling. For over three decades, we have been repairing, installing, and inspecting furnaces and heat pumps throughout Clinton County. Our technicians are trained and certified to always bring you the best service.

For heating service in the 45177 zip code, contact Rick’s Heating & Cooling.