Reasons to Change Your Air Filter Right Now

April 4, 2017

It’s important to have a schedule for changing your HVAC system’s air filter, and also to check it more often whenever you’ve been using your AC (or heating system) intensely. Check your owner’s manual for the preferred air filter replacement interval, which may be monthly.

If you notice that the filter is dirty, change it, even if it isn’t time for your scheduled filter change (or your filter clean-and-replace, depending upon your system). Is poor indoor air quality (IAQ) that big of a deal? Yes, says the EPA, who considers bad IAQ one of the major risks to public health.

Advantages of Frequent HVAC Air Filter Changes

Air filter changes are part of the essential preventative maintenance for your HVAC system. Don’t wait for your technician to take care of this task during your annual scheduled maintenance visit. Your tech can show you how to change the filter, if you like. Here’s why HVAC air filter changes are beneficial—you get:

  • Better IAQ: Your air filter improves indoor air quality because it helps keep dust, pollen, mold spores, and other airborne contaminants out of your air supply. A clean filter can help calm allergic reactions in sensitive people. Clogged air filters allow these allergens and hazardous particles to continually recirculate in your indoor air.
  • Improved energy efficiency and less greenhouse gas emissions: Clogged air filters block or slow airflow through your home. This means that your AC system is working harder and under more stress, trying to circulate air and keep your home cool, which wastes energy. Clean HVAC air filters help you use less energy and contribute to a better environmental future.
  • Lower energy bills: When your system is less energy efficient (working harder and using more energy than necessary) your costs for summer home cooling (and winter heating) go up.
  • Longer life for your HVAC system: Your air filter not only helps keep your air clean, it also keeps damaging dust and mold out of the equipment. This delays your future HVAC system replacement costs.

Preventative HVAC Maintenance & Expert Indoor Air Quality Advice

At Rick’s Heating & Cooling, we offer furnace and AC maintenance plans to help keep your HVAC system in top shape. In between our maintenance visits, be sure to change your air filter. If you’re not sure how, call us and we will walk you through the process.

If, even after regular filter changes, your indoor air quality is a concern, we can help troubleshoot the problem and suggest the best solutions for your Cincinnati home. Contact us today to schedule your next AC maintenance tune-up.