HVAC Services in Loveland, Ohio

Do you need HVAC services in or near Loveland, Ohio? Rick’s Heating & Cooling provides a full selection of heating, ventilation, and cooling services to residents and businesses throughout Warren, Butler, Hamilton, Clermont, and Clinton counties. Our full selection of HVAC services include:

  • New heating or cooling system installation or replacement
  • Free estimates on new heating and cooling installations and replacements
  • Financing for qualifying heating and cooling installations or repairs
  • HVAC installation for new construction
  • All heating or cooling service-related issues
  • 24/7 HVAC service
  • Preferred maintenance agreements on all HVAC products
  • Any indoor air quality issues or concerns

We understand how miserable your home can be when your heating or cooling isn’t up to the task of keeping you comfortable. That’s why we’ll work to quickly and reliably resolve your problems, whatever they may be, with technical expertise and professionalism.

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Air Conditioning Services in Loveland

Good air conditioning means the difference between sweating through the night and a good night’s rest when it gets hot. We’ll make sure your air conditioning is working exactly how it should, whether you need new installation, unit replacement, repairs for a breakdown, or simple maintenance to keep your unit running smoothly. 

We handle air conditioners from all top manufacturers, including:

  • Rheem
  • Armstrong Air
  • Concord
  • And more!

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Furnace Services in Loveland

When your furnace starts to give you trouble, it can be more than just uncomfortable; losing your heat in the cold season in Ohio can be outright dangerous. That’s to say nothing of what a malfunctioning furnace could do to your air quality or the very real dangers a malfunctioning combustion-based furnace might cause in terms of carbon monoxide. So skip the worrying, and leave it to our full furnace service

We offer numerous models of Armstrong gas and oil furnaces, including:

  • Armstrong 80 Advantage Lowboy Oil Furnace
  • Armstrong 80 Advantage Highboy Oil Furnace
  • Armstrong 80 Advantage Downflow/Horizontal Oil Furnace
  • Armstrong 80 AFUE Gas Furnace
  • Armstrong 90 AFUE Gas Furnace
  • Armstrong 95 AFUE Gas Furnace

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Heat Pump Services in Loveland

Heat pumps are an excellent way to keep costs down, not just in terms of energy efficiency but also because they’re reliably low-maintenance. Even a heat pump can need help from time to time, though. Our trained technicians are ready to help you with a full selection of heat pump services.

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Other Loveland HVAC Services

Good HVAC isn’t just about your furnace and air conditioning. We service all components of your HVAC network, including:

Whatever your HVAC needs in the 45140 ZIP code, Rick’s Heating & Cooling has you covered!

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If you’re suffering from HVAC problems in the Loveland area, there’s no need to suffer any longer. Whether you’re dealing with a minor problem with a single system, need maintenance for your heating, cooling, heat pump, and more, or need a unit completely replaced because it’s simply too old to meet your needs anymore, we have you covered.

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