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A Full Selection of Heating & Cooling Services for Residents of Middletown & the Surrounding Areas

Sitting along the Great Miami River, Middletown can see weather of every extreme and always with plenty of humidity to complicate your heating and cooling. Whether you’re trying to keep cool and dry during one of our hot, humid summers or stay toasty — but not too dry — during one of our cold, snowy winters, you’re likely spending most of the year relying on your furnace or your air conditioner.

That’s why you need the team at Rick’s Heating & Cooling on your side. We provide residents throughout Ohio with a full selection of heating, ventilation, and cooling services, and have since 1986. We offer our clients:

Whatever HVAC services you need today, trust Rick’s Heating & Cooling to get the job done rightContact us by messaging us online or dialing (513) 899-6005 to schedule a service with our HVAC contractors in Middletown today.

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Air Conditioning Services in Middletown

When you finish up a few rounds at the Wildwood Golf Club, or you and your kids get home from a long day at Dixie Heights Park, you’re counting on your air conditioner to offer relief from the heat so you can relax. If it’s not working right or not working at all, your fun day out can quickly become a miserable, stressful pain.

Whether you’re looking for repairs, replacement, new installation, or simple maintenance, don’t worry: Rick’s Heating & Cooling is here for you. Middletown homeowners can count on us for all their AC needs, including:

Dial (513) 899-6005 to schedule air conditioner service or learn more about our air conditioning services in Middletown.

Middletown Furnace Services

When your furnace stops working or starts acting strange, you want to reach out to Rick’s Heating & Cooling. We’ll get your furnace working again, safely and efficiently, with competitive rates and full professionalism. You don’t want to leave a furnace in a poor state, even if you don’t need it just yet; a damaged gas or oil furnace can be dangerous, and small problems left unattended can become bigger, pricier fixes over time.

Our selection of furnace services includes:

If you’re asking yourself where you can find services like furnace repair “near me,” the answer is Rick’s Heating & Cooling. Give our team a call at (513) 899-6005 to schedule service today.

Heat Pump Services

Looking to improve your energy efficiency by a huge amount? Want your heat to be a bit gentler than the dry blast of heat provided by a furnace? Want to get rid of your ductwork and save some space? There are many different reasons to have or consider a heat pump. That’s why Rick’s Heating & Cooling employs technicians who can install or repair your heat pumps without hassle or confusion.

While heat pumps are designed to ultimately need less maintenance and repair work than a typical heating or cooling solution, problems arise from time to time, and not all HVAC technicians are as intimately familiar with them. , However, with Rick’s Heating & Cooling on your side, owning a heat pump can be as convenient and affordable as any other appliance.

Our heat pump services include:

Additional HVAC Services

Heating and cooling aren’t the only things we do at Rick’s Heating & Cooling. We also take indoor air quality quite seriously, including the installation and maintenance of products such as air cleaners and humidifiers.

We can also install, repair, or improve your ductwork; an efficient duct system is critical for delivering heated and cooled air with minimum waste.

And all of these systems need to be controlled by a modern programmable thermostat for peak comfort and efficiency. We offer two great products from Emerson to meet most families’ needs.

Our additional HVAC services include:

Whatever additional services your HVAC system requires to meet your expectations, Rick’s Heating & Cooling has you covered!

HVAC FAQs and Resources

Have questions in mind or want to learn more about your heating and cooling systems? Our website’s FAQ section is growing daily with common questions we hear from our clients and the answers we’re happy to provide. Use this valuable information to get the most out of your heating and cooling system year after year.

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No matter what service you need, from furnace repair to AC replacement, you can trust our team at Rick’s Heating & Cooling to get the job done right.

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