Heat Pump Service in Loveland, Ohio

Looking for a simple and energy efficient way to heat and cool your house year round? You could consider a new, energy efficient air conditioner and furnace, or you could save space and money by installing a heat pump!

One of the most  energy efficient HVAC systems on the market, heat pumps function as air conditioners in the spring and summer and provide heat to your home like a furnace in the winter! Since it has to work hard year round, it’s crucially important that your heat pump is installed properly and inspected seasonally by a reputable HVAC company. If you need any heat pump services in Loveland, Ohio, call Rick’s Heating & Cooling today!

Our heat pump services include:

We provide heat pump installation, repair, replacement, inspection, and maintenance throughout Loveland—call us today to schedule an estimate or contact us online »

Heat Pump Installation in Loveland

In order to be as efficient as possible, your heat pump must be properly sized and professionally installed. If you want to avoid frequent heat pump breakdowns and the need for early heat pump replacement, make sure you call Rick’s Heating & Cooling for your heat pump installation in Loveland!

We’ve been the area’s top heat pump installer since 1986, serving Hamilton and Clermont counties and 45111 and 45140

By installing a heat pump, you will:

  • Improve your energy efficiency
  • Decrease your heating and cooling costs
  • Have consistent, even heating
  • Improve the air quality of your home
  • And more!

If you want reliable heat pump installation, call Rick’s Heating & Cooling today!

Heat Pump Inspection & Repair in Loveland

Heat pumps should be inspected at the beginning of every spring and fall to ensure they’ll be ready for the heating and cooling seasons ahead. If you want to ensure a full season of comfort from your heat pump, call Rick’s! Our HVAC technicians come check out all the nuts and bolts of your heat pump, lube up all the parts, and make sure it will run smoothly.

If a heat pump inspection turns up some damages, don’t stress—let us handle it! We can handle any heat pump repair problems you have, large or small. Don’t wait until your heat pump breaks down—call Rick’s Heating & Cooling for heat pump repair in Loveland today!

Heat Pump Replacement in Loveland

As reliable as (properly installed) heat pumps are, they do have a limited lifespan—approximately 10-15 years. When it comes time to replace your heat pump, you know who to call. You may need heat pump replacement if your current system:

  • Is more than 10 years old
  • Requires frequent repair
  • Is making your energy bills rise
  • Leaves rooms inconsistent in temperature

Our heat pump replacement experts can remove your old unit and replace it with a brand new, more energy efficient heat pump that will last you for years.

If you’re ready to upgrade your Loveland home’s heat pump, call us today!

Loveland Heat Pump Services

No matter what heat pump services you need in Loveland, Ohio, call Rick’s Heating & Cooling! Our heat pump service experts can install, inspect, repair, or replace your heat pump so you can get years of quality cooling.

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