When To Schedule AC Tune-Up

February 10, 2015

For your cooling system to work as efficient as possible it’s important to schedule routine check-ups and tune-ups. Proper air conditioner maintenance from an HVAC professional—like Rick’s Heating & Cooling—extends the life of your cooling equipment, reduces the risk of future repairs, and enhances the efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

Spring AC Tune-Up

The HVAC system in your Ohio home should be inspected twice per year, once in the fall in preparation for heating system and once in the spring in preparation for cooling season. Without routine tune-ups there is a higher chance your air conditioner will break down during the peak of cooling season, a problem nobody wants during the hot, muggy summer days in Ohio.

We recommend scheduling an air conditioner tune-up during the spring time, before you get your system up and running. Spring temperatures tend to be milder in Ohio, but there can be an occasional warm day where you want to use your AC unit. If you’ve never had an AC tune-up your air conditioner may need a part or two replaced. It’s best to catch these issues early to prevent future breakdowns.

Signs You Need AC Tune-Up

Your air conditioner is probably something you rarely think about unless it needs fixing. But, how can you tell if you may need repairs or an AC tune-up from a professional HVAC contractor? If you experience any of the following signs, contact your local heating and cooling professional and schedule an appointment.

  • Your air conditioner makes a loud, wailing noise
  • Your air conditioner coils are frozen
  • Your air conditioner is leaking into your house
  • Your air conditioner isn’t cooling
  • Your air conditioner isn’t turning on

Rick’s Precision Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Our HVAC Precision Tune-Up services include:

 Service  AC or Heat Pump  Oil or Gas Furnace
 Check calibration of thermostat x x
 Check condensate drain x
 Check air filtration system x x
 Check furnace blower x x
 Lubricate all motors x x
 Check fuses x x
 Check all electrical connections x x
 Check indoor coil x
 Clean & check outdoor A/C unit x
 Check refrigerant charge x
 Check super heat and sub. Cool x
 Check suction line temperature x
 Check indoor plenum temp. x x
 Check return temperature x x
 Check furnace venting x
 Check temperature rise x
 Check inlet temperature x
 Check outlet temperature x
 Check manifold gas pressure x
 Check inducer assembly x
 Check burners & ignition system x
 Check for detection of carbon monoxide x
 Check overall condition of A/C or Heat Pump x
 Check overall condition of Heating System x

Schedule Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Ohio

Want to schedule an AC tune-up in the Amelia, Morrow, Cincinnati, or Lebanon, Ohio areas? Don’t sweat! Contact us to schedule your air conditioning tune-up.