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Are you looking to install one of the most energy efficient heating systems on the market? Dual fuel heat pumps, also called “hybrid heating systems,” use a combination of an electric heat pump and a furnace to effectively heat your home while maximizing savings. If you need dual fuel heat pump installation in the Cincinnati, Amelia, Lebanon, Maineville, or Morrow, Ohio area give Rick’s Heating & Cooling a call today—513-899-6005.

How Does It Work?

Since hybrid heating systems have the advantage of a furnace in addition to a heat pump to, the choice of which unit supplies heat to your home depends on the temperature outside. When temperatures are warmer (above 32 degrees Fahrenheit), your heat pump will be used to heat your home. When temperatures stay below freezing for a number of days—making it harder for your heat pump to transfer heat—the furnace will kick on to compensate for the heat pumps lost heating capacity. A dual fuel heat pump gives you the best of both worlds and provides a comfortable environment for you and your family.

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The Benefits of New Dual Fuel Heat Pump Installation

There are many benefits to installing a brand new dual fuel heat pump in your Ohio home, including:

  • Incredible efficiency – During milder winters your hybrid heating system will work with outstanding efficiency, taking advantage of warmer outdoor temperatures and cheaper electric prices to heat your home. During colder your heating system operates with its greatest efficiency while taking advantage of the cleanest burning fossil fuel, natural gas.
  • Cost effective – By using two sources of heat at their greatest efficiency, you can actually heat your home for far cheaper than if you used one source of heat.
  • Easy to install – Rick’s Heating & Cooling has over 19 years of experience installing furnaces and heat pumps throughout Ohio, so you know we have the necessary tools and know-how to install a dual fuel heat pump in your residence.
  • Extended lifespan – The typical furnace has an expected lifespan of 10 to 15 years, while the average heat pump can be expected to last 15 years or longer. Since a dual fuel heat pump only uses one system at a time, you can expect a slightly longer lifespan from your furnace and electric heat pump.

Who to Call for Dual Fuel Heat Pump Installation in Cincinnati

If you want to maximize the efficiency of your Ohio heating system, call Rick’s Heating & Cooling. We can install a dual fuel heat pump in your home to keep you warm all year long! Contact us today for a quote!

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