New Construction HVAC in Cincinnati, OH

Providing New Construction HVAC Installation in Morrow, Cincinnati & the Surrounding Areas

If you’re starting construction, choosing an HVAC company to install a heating and cooling system, as well as all necessary ductwork, is incredibly important. Rick’s Heating & Cooling provides new construction HVAC installation in Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding areas, and we can do everything from sizing and fitting heating and air conditioning systems to ductwork fabrication and installation. When you’re looking for a team you can trust, look no further than Rick’s Heating & Cooling.

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Sizing New Construction HVAC Systems

Before we start installing a new construction HVAC system, our contractors will meet with you to assess your home or building and figure out exactly what we need to properly size and fit the heating and air conditioning. Having an HVAC system that is either too large or too small can cause a number of problems for the building, including:

  • Decreased energy efficiency
  • Higher monthly energy bills
  • Inconsistent temperatures from room to room
  • More frequent breakdowns—if the system is undersized, it will have to work more often to cool the building, thus increasing the likelihood of costly breakdowns
  • Poor airflow
  • And more

Poorly sized new construction HVAC systems can end up causing problems in the long run, so they always need to be perfectly fitted to the home or building’s needs. At Rick’s Heating & Cooling, we use Manual-J load calculations to fit your building with heating and air conditioning systems to be sure it’ll get maximum energy efficiency and comfort. If you need new construction HVAC systems for your project, call us today to schedule an estimate.

New Construction HVAC Installation Services

Nothing is more important to an HVAC system than the quality of its installation, so be sure you trust your project with the best. After your new construction HVAC system has been perfectly sized, the highly skilled technicians at Rick’s Heating & Cooling can install and maintain all of your comfort systems for years of dependable use. When your HVAC systems are expertly installed and maintained, it can lead to decreased repairs, increased energy efficiency, and lower monthly bills.

Are you asking yourself, “Where can I find new construction HVAC contractors near me?” Look no further than our team at Rick’s Heating & Cooling! Call us today at (513) 899-6005.

Ductwork for Your New Construction HVAC

When it comes to HVAC systems, it’s critical to the efficiency and comfort of your home that the ductwork is properly sized. Much like the HVAC systems themselves, if the ductwork is too big or too small, it can cause a number of problems, including:

  • Restricted air flow
  • Frequent breakdowns
  • Decreased energy efficiency
  • Increased utility bills
  • Difficulty regulating temperature

At Rick’s Heating & Cooling, we can take care of all the ductwork installation for your new construction project—contact us today!

Choose Rick’s Heating & Cooling for Your New Construction HVAC in Cincinnati

When it’s time for new construction HVAC installation, trust your construction project with the best by contacting Rick’s Heating & Cooling. For nearly three decades we have been installing HVAC systems for new construction, and our technicians have the experience and expertise to get your job done quickly and expertly. If you’d like to schedule a free estimate for a qualifying new construction HVAC installation, contact Rick’s Heating & Cooling today!

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