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Can I install different brands for my furnace and air conditioner?

Residents in Morrow and the surrounding areas often inquire whether mixing and matching brands for their furnace and air conditioner systems is an option, and the answer is technically yes. However, there are many factors that homeowners must consider, including:

  • Same brand preference: It is generally recommended to stay loyal to one brand when selecting a manufacturer for your heating and cooling systems. While some brands allow system mixing as a viable option, it is not guaranteed that different brands pair well together as systems of the same brand.
  • Compatibility: Provided that your units match capacity and efficiency, purchasing furnaces and air conditioners from different brands is possible.
  • Warranty implications: Before mixing and matching brands, review the warranty terms and conditions for your heating and cooling systems to ensure your policy isn’t affected.
  • Optimal performance: Staying on brand for both systems can help boost performance and efficiency because they are designed for cooling and heating compatibility.

Buying Two Different Brands

Compatibility is the key to buying and installing two different brands of HVAC systems. When contemplating your new purchase, consider compatibility and energy efficiency go hand in hand.  

Sizing compatibility is particularly important. Ensuring coils and blowers are sized correctly for your existing system and ductwork allows you to integrate the two brands that will make up your HVAC system. Improperly sized components can lead to decreased efficiency and system performance. This is due to your system working harder to achieve your desired indoor temperature.

How can you go about making different brands work together? Consult with an installation expert. HVAC technicians have the expertise to help you determine if your selected brands can be installed together for reliable comfort.

Downside to Installing Two Different Brands

Investing in your HVAC system is no small purchase. Sometimes, it may seem like opting for a system different from your existing system’s brand is the most cost-effective choice. But it’s important to fully understand the implications of piecing together two brands that technically work together but likely do not offer the same operation level. Potential drawbacks of installing two different brands include reduced efficiency and capacity, which can lead to more energy consumption and higher utility bills.

Our team recommends the evaporator coil be replaced simultaneously with your AC to maximize the efficiency of your system.

Benefits of Having the Same Brand Manufacturer

Think of your heating and cooling system as a puzzle. When designed by the same manufacturer, the pieces fit together seamlessly for a whole and complete image. Your HVAC works the same way when produced by the same brand. Companies rigorously test their systems for compatibility to ensure energy-efficient operation when paired. It’s important to note during the production process, heating and cooling systems are only tested against units of the same brand to provide the diagnostics advertised to buyers. You stand to lose these benefits when mixing and matching HVAC systems.

How important is energy efficiency? Most homeowners often hear the term energy efficiency but don’t fully understand its role in maintaining the comfort of your home. Energy efficiency impacts the speed of heating and cooling, the consistency and evenness of your home’s temperature, and energy costs. To keep your energy consumption low and your bills even lower, opting for tested compatibility that saves you money in the long run is always recommended.

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