Uneven Temperatures in Your Home

January 23, 2014

You’ve likely been there—one room in your home remains the nice, cool 72 degrees that you set your thermostat to in the summer while a room across your house seems sweltering. What about during the winter when your den just does not seem to get warm enough for a comfortable movie or game night with the family?

Many homeowners assume uneven temperatures come with the layout of their house or chalk it up to the old HVAC system. But did you know there are measures you can take to actually minimize rooms having uneven temperatures?

What Causes Uneven Temperatures in My Home?

Uneven temperatures throughout your home can be a nuisance for your entire family, but we’ve found they are usually caused by just a few things.

Common causes of uneven temperatures include:

  • Air leaks from bad insulation and unsealed ducts
  • Undersized AC or furnace system
  • Closed vents that cause restricted airflow
  • Energy inefficient windows

These common causes are likely the reason behind different areas of your home staying noticeably different temperatures, but it’s best to have a profession HVAC and insulation company inspect

How Can I Fix Uneven Heating and Cooling In My Home?

Luckily, you don’t have to “put up with” uneven temperatures throughout your home. This winter, drop those layers of blankets and call a professional HVAC company. They can inspect and repair certain aspects of your heating and cooling systems to ensure that your home’s temperature remains consistent and even.

Duct Sealing

An HVAC technician will be able to do an energy audit of your home and determine where the drafts and air leaks are coming from that are causing rooms to be different temperatures. According to ENERGY STAR, as much as 20 percent of the air moving through your ducts is wasted because of leaks and gaps.

Imbalanced airflow in your home can also cause your system to work overtime—often shortening its lifespan and efficiency while increasing your monthly energy bills. Professional duct sealing can greatly decrease that loss of energy and minimize the air flow imbalance.

When your ductwork is properly maintained and sealed, airflow throughout your home will improve. This allows your heating and cooling systems to effectively do their jobs. It will also eliminate the annoyance of certain rooms being much hotter or colder than others.

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AC and Furnace Replacement

If your heating or cooling system is undersized, it will be unable to keep up with the job at hand of keeping your entire home a comfortable temperature. This problem will also often lead to extremely high energy bills each month and more frequent repairs—since your smaller system is trying to compensate and heat or cool your entire house. When you replace your AC or furnace, the installation technician will analyze your home and family’s heating needs before determining a properly sized unit.

They might also recommend a variable speed motor. These systems allow for more precise temperature and air flow control.

Newer models are more energy efficient and, with industry improvements, more recent units are better at keeping a home more evenly heated or cooled.

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Energy Efficiency Improvements

An inspection by a professional HVAC company is recommended before every heating and cooling season. During this inspection, maintenance can be performed and repairs will be recommended—all with the intention of maximizing your heating or cooling system’s energy efficiency. A more energy efficient system can better (and more evenly) heat or cool your home.

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Professional Heating & Cooling Repair in Cincinnati, Ohio

If you are looking to fix the uneven temperatures in your Ohio home, the best thing to do is to call a professional HVAC company. At Rick’s Heating & Cooling, we have been serving the Cincinnati area since 1986. Whether you need to upgrade to a larger furnace in Morrow, have your ducts inspected and sealed in Lebanon, or schedule an annual HVAC inspection in Amelia, call us today!

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