Do I need an air conditioner cover for winter?

Whether or not to invest in an air conditioner cover for winter can be confusing to homeowners because it makes sense to cover your outdoor equipment to protect it from the elements. However, at Rick’s Heating & Cooling, we don’t recommend covering the entire unit as you may often see in stores.

In fact, covering the entire unit creates a vapor barrier that can trap moisture in your condensing unit, which can cause your unit to rust from the inside out. Our suggestion would be to put a piece of plywood on top of the unit and be sure to keep leaves and debris away from it. In fact, it should have approximately 1 – 3 feet of space cleared out around it for optimal performance. Your AC is designed to be outdoors so don’t worrying about buying an air conditioner cover for winter!

Who to Call for HVAC Maintenance in the Cincinnati Area

When it starts to get chilly in Ohio, there’s only one name you need to know for HVAC maintenance—and that’s Rick’s Heating & Cooling. Our highly trained experts can help you with your end-of-season air conditioner maintenance and get your heating equipment started out on the right track with a furnace inspection or a heat pump inspection. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!