How often should I change my furnace filter?

Depending on how often you’re using your furnace, you should be changing furnace filters every one to three months. There are a lot of benefits to changing your filters, including:

  • Improved system performance – When you are changing furnace filters regularly, it makes it easier for the system to do its job because clogged and dirty filters inhibit airflow.
  • Better energy efficiency – Changing furnace filters makes regulating the temperature in your home much easier, which means your furnace doesn’t have to work as hard. This results in lower monthly utility bills.
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns – As we said, clogged and dirty air filters inhibit the airflow in your home, but this can actually cause serious damage to your HVAC systems.

It’s important to ensure you’re changing furnace filters on a routine basis so your HVAC systems can operate in top-notch condition. If you have questions about changing your air filters, contact Rick’s Heating & Cooling today! In addition to advising you on changing furnace filters, we can provide a complete HVAC Precision Tune-Up to keep your systems well maintained.