My AC has ice on it—what do I do?

When your AC freezes up, either inside or at the outdoor unit, you have a problem. There are only two reasons for an AC system to freeze up—either there is low air flow or there is a low refrigerant charge.

We’ll address each of these problems individually:

  1. Low air flow – When you have low air flow, it is either due to a very dirty air filter or a filter that is simply too small. Both of these things reduce the amount of air that needs to flow across your indoor air conditioner coil in order to operate at the manufacturer’s specifications. Also, a bad or worn out blower motor or dirty blower wheel can reduce air flow, which makes your system operate inefficiently.
  2. Low refrigerant charge – All AC systems need a proper refrigerant charge in order to operate at an optimum level and meet manufacturer’s specifications. Your system may have a leak or be a little low on refrigerant.

Whether your frozen AC is due to either of these problems, our suggestion at Rick’s Heating & Cooling is to have a certified professional technician service your air conditioner. We can find out what is contributing to your frozen system and provide exceptional air conditioning repair services.

If you’re having problems with a frozen AC in Cincinnati or the surrounding areas, contact Rick’s Heating & Cooling today. Our highly trained and skilled technicians can help you diagnose and fix your problem. Call us today at 513-899-6005 or contact us online!