Why do I need a furnace cleaning each year?

The number one reason most people want to have a furnace cleaning every year is to maintain their warranty. That’s because nearly all HVAC manufacturers state in the owner’s manual that the equipment must be serviced annually by a qualified professional otherwise the warranty is void. In order to maintain your warranty, just have a qualified HVAC company, such as Rick’s Heating & Cooling, perform a complete precision tune-up on your furnace. During this visit, you’ll get your furnace cleaned, in addition to an inspection of all the components, verifying they are working to the manufacturer’s specifications, and more.

Not only will a complete furnace tune-up and furnace cleaning improve your system’s efficiency and ensure it’s operating in peak condition, it will give you peace of mind your home will have heat all winter long. This can save you money on costly repairs and potentially lower utility bills.

Another way to get more bang for your buck is to sign up for a service maintenance agreement with Rick’s Heating & Cooling. You’ll get discounts on future visits and repairs, upgrades, priority service, and more—you’ll spend a little to save a lot.

To learn more about furnace cleaning and why it’s important or to schedule an estimate for your furnace service in Hamilton, Cincinnati, Lebanon, or the surrounding Ohio areas, contact us today!