How often should I have my HVAC equipment serviced?

Your HVAC systems should be serviced at the beginning of each heating and cooling season (around spring and fall for your air conditioner and heating system, respectively). Having HVAC preventative maintenance before the start of a new heating or cooling season can provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased energy efficiency – When you get HVAC preventative maintenance, one of our experienced technicians will do a complete tune-up of your system, which can lead to improved performance and energy efficiency.
  • Decreased utility bills – After your HVAC system has gotten a tune-up, the improved energy efficiency will lead to a reduction in your monthly bills!
  • Increased lifespan for HVAC systems – When you get HVAC preventative maintenance from Rick’s Heating & Cooling, not only do we do a complete tune-up of your system (which makes it easier to regulate the temperature in your house) we will also address and fix any small issues before they become major problems down the road, including changing the air filters.
  • Decrease the number of untimely breakdowns – Since all of the minor repairs will be taken care of during your HVAC preventative maintenance, the chances of having an inconvenient breakdown in the middle of the season is greatly reduced.

If you’re interested in getting HVAC preventative maintenance in Morrow or the surrounding Ohio areas, contact Rick’s Heating & Cooling today! Our highly trained and skilled professionals can ensure your equipment will run smoothly all season long.