How do I know if I need a programmable thermostat for my home?

If you have central air conditioning and heating, then you need a programmable thermostat because it’s the simplest way to increase energy efficiency and decrease monthly utility bills. Installing a programmable thermostat in your home gives you the most complete control of your energy usage available by allowing you to program and set your heating and cooling needs as they vary throughout the day. For example, in the summer, if everyone in your home leaves during the day for work, you can set the programmable thermostat to raise the temperature while you’re gone and automatically lower it again just before you arrive home—and it can be set to do this any time of the day, including overnight, on extended trips and more!

In addition to providing you with better control of your energy usage, some other benefits of installing a programmable thermostat include:

Increased energy efficiency – Because you’ll be able to have complete control of the temperature and energy usage of your HVAC systems, installing a programmable thermostat allows you to improve your overall energy efficiency. You won’t waste heating or cooling energy in the middle of the day when no one is home to enjoy it.

Decreased energy bills – A great side effect of increased energy efficiency is the decrease in monthly energy bills that often follows!

Increased longevity of HVAC systems – Installing a programmable thermostat does two very important things to help extend the lifespan of your HVAC systems, makes it easier to regulate the temperature in the house and notifies you when it’s time to change the air filters.

If you would like to install a programmable thermostat in your home or learn more about the benefits, contact Rick’s Heating & Cooling today!