Furnace Replacement in the Morrow & Cincinnati, OH Areas

Gas furnaces are one of the most reliable heating systems available. Most furnaces, when properly installed, have a lifespan of approximately 10–15 years, and during that time they tend to operate with very few real problems. However, once they reach a certain point, they may start to show signs of age, experiencing drops in efficiency or more frequent breakdowns. If your furnace is starting to get up there in age, and you think you need furnace repair or furnace replacement, call Rick’s Heating & Cooling today!

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Signs That You Need Furnace Replacement

Furnace replacement is a big investment, but one that could really pay off within a few short years. Before you commit to furnace replacement, consider these questions to figure out if you really need it or if a furnace repair will do:

A lot of furnaces can last for many years beyond their 10th birthday. That said, if your furnace starts to break down after 10 years, trying to keep it going with furnace repair may not be worth it. Furnace replacement will not only equip your home with a new, smoothly working furnace, but one that’s light years ahead of your old one in terms of energy efficiency!

Are Your Heating Bills Going Up?

If your furnace has been around for a while and you’re starting to notice your heating bills going up, first call Rick’s for a furnace inspection. We can help you figure out whether a furnace replacement will be worth it, as well as how much money you could save with a new furnace. If the costs and savings add up, we’ll happily replace your furnace!

Do You Need Frequent Furnace Repair?

As furnaces get older, they start to have more problems-especially as they approach the last two or three years of their lives. If you find that you’re paying almost as much in repairs as you paid for the furnace in the first place, or if your repair costs are going up (think in the $1,000 range), this is a good sign that you need furnace replacement.

Is Your Home Evenly Heated?

One of the surest signs that a furnace is about to give up is uneven heating between the different rooms in your home. If you have certain rooms in your home that are really hot while others are much colder, you could have one of two problems: either your ductwork is leaky and needs to be sealed, or your furnace can no longer move heat effectively through your home. Whatever the problem is, call Rick’s! We can take a look at your heating system and recommend the most effective next steps.

What Color Is Your Burner Flame?

If the burner flame on your furnace is blue, that means it’s burning properly. If it’s yellow or orange, there’s a problem! An incomplete burn means more than just inefficient heating-it also means that the furnace is producing carbon monoxide! If you’re worried that your furnace is producing carbon monoxide, check for other signs-streaks of soot around the furnace, no upward draft in your chimney, rusting on pipes and jacks, excessive moisture on windows, walls, and other cold surfaces and water leaking from the base of your chimney, vent, or flue pipe.

Carbon monoxide is extremely hazardous, potentially lethal, and if your furnace is producing it, you should leave your home immediately, and then call one of our professionals to have it repaired or to have your furnace replaced.

Is Your Furnace Making Strange Noises?

Strange noises, such as banging, popping, rattling, or squealing, are usually signs that your furnace has reached the end of its life. If you can hear your blower fan running constantly, this is also a sign that you might need furnace replacement.

If you’ve been experiencing any of the above symptoms and think you might need furnace replacement, call Rick’s Heating & Cooling today at 513-899-6005 or contact us online!

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