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Do you suffer from indoor allergies in your Cincinnati, Morrow, Maineville, Lebanon, or Mason, OH home? The problem may be related to poor indoor air quality in your homemeaning an Aprilaire indoor air cleaner is just what you need! Equipped with over 72 square feet of filtering media that actually improves in efficiency over time, Aprilaire 2000 Series Whole-Home Air Cleaners can give you exceptionally clean air throughout your home.

The Aprilaire Model 2000 Series indoor air cleaners comes in several models, including:

  • Model 2210: whole-house air cleaner that is easily adaptable to upflow or horizontal duct configurations.
  • Model 2310: this whole-house air cleaner is perfectly sized for split system air conditioners and smaller system installations.
  • Model 2410: compact whole-house air cleaner great for use with today’s shorter furnaces in platform or closet installations.

Why Install an Aprilaire 2000 Series Whole-House Air Cleaner?

If you have allergies, you need effective whole-house air cleaning. The Aprilaire 2000 series whole-house air cleaning systems provide superior cleaning benefits and proven results:

  • Traps 90 percent of visible airborne dust and other large particles
  • Prevents dust build up
  • Permanently captures at least 90 percent of airborne pollen-sized particles
  • Removes 76 percent of viruses
  • Provides more than 30 times the filtering media used in standard 1″ furnace filters
  • Requires no maintenance other than the infrequent replacement of filtering media
  • Maintains and improves its filter media efficiency over time
  • Maximizes the life of your HVAC system
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At Rick’s Heating & Cooling, we’ve helped hundreds of families alleviate their allergy symptoms and breathe better in their own homes by installing an Aprilaire 2000 series whole-house air cleaning system. Want to clean up the air in your home? Contact Rick’s Heating & Cooling for Aprilaire whole-house air cleaner installation!