Better: Aprilaire Whole-House Humidifier

Aprilaire Model 500

Need to humidify a small to medium sized home in Maineville, Morrow, Lebanon, Mason or Loveland, Ohio? The Aprilaire Model 500 humidifier is perfect for you!

This whole-house humidifier features a built-in bypass damper and is designed for use in small to medium sized homes.

The Aprilaire Model 500 Whole-House Humidifier:

  • Uses manual humidifier controls
  • Can be installed either in the main living area of your  home or right in your HVAC ducts
  • Includes a drain to flush hard water scale and minerals from the unit, extending its life
  • Has an evaporation capacity of 0.50 gallons per hour
  • Humidifies tightly-constructed homes up to 3,000 square feet

The Aprilaire Model 500 bypass humidifier is an economical, proven performer in the extensive line of Aprilaire Humidifiers.

Choosing the right humidifier for your home is an important decision and investment. Let Rick’s Heating & Cooling show you how comfortable your Maineville, Morrow, Lebanon, Mason or Loveland, Ohio home can be with an Aprilaire Humidifier!

What is a bypass humidifier?

Bypass humidifiers, also called flow-through humidifiers, work by dripping water through a foam or expanded aluminum pad. Air flows through the pad and picks up moisture, carrying it through your ducts and all throughout your home. Any water that isn’t collected by the air flows into a drain at the base of the humidifier.

The pads of your bypass humidifier system should be changed once a year to prevent clogging up or accumulation of mold.