Reliable Furnace Repair in Wyoming, OH

Do you rely on a furnace to keep your home comfortable during the winter? If so, you already know that for the most part, they’re pretty low maintenance—especially if they’re only a few years old and have seasonal furnace inspection. And while annual furnace tune-ups will prevent most major problems from occurring, every now and then you might run into some little snares that require furnace repair from a professional.

Fortunately, Rick’s Heating & Cooling has the solution to any problems you might run into with your furnace! Whether you’ve got a minor issue with your pilot light or a big problem with your blower fan, give us a call—our Wyoming area furnace repair professionals have seen, diagnosed, and solved just about every furnace problem under the sun. No furnace repair job is too big or too small for their expertise!

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When to Call for Furnace Repair in Wyoming

Furnaces generally operate quietly for most of their 10 – 15 year lifespan. There are, however, certain things that can occasionally go wrong with your furnace, including:

Your furnace isn’t producing any heat – this tends to happen more toward the beginning of the heating season. If you’re not getting any heat from your furnace, first check to make sure the thermostat is set to HEAT mode and is at the right temperature (you wouldn’t believe how many times we’ve found that this is the only problem!). If the thermostat is set where it needs to be, you may just have a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse, or your pilot light could be out. If your furnace isn’t creating heat, contact Rick’s Heating & Cooling for furnace repair in Wyoming, Ohio!

Your furnace isn’t producing enough heat – if your furnace produces some heat, but you don’t feel like it is enough for your Wyoming home, check your filters and make sure they’re clean. If changing the filters doesn’t fix the problem, call Rick’s Heating & Cooling for furnace repair—your gas burners probably need to be adjusted.

Your furnace cycles on and off frequently – if you’ve changed the filter and the problem persists, contact us, and we can diagnose the source of the problem to make repairs. Short cycling can be by caused by a number of things, including:

  • An oversized furnace
  • Undersized ducts
  • Clogged or dirty air filters
  • An overheating motor
  • And more

The blower fan seems to be running constantly – if your blower fan is running nonstop, make sure the fan setting on the thermostat is set to AUTO instead of ON. If it is, or if your thermostat doesn’t have a fan setting, call Rick’s Heating & Cooling to replace or repair your furnace’s fan limit control switch.

Your furnace is too noisy – if your furnace makes a lot of noise when it runs, it could mean the pilot needs to be adjusted or your furnace components need oil. Whatever the case may be, give us a call for furnace repair!

Your pilot light is burnt out – if your furnace’s pilot light is burnt out, it needs to be relit! Simple as that. If you don’t know how to do this, call the HVAC experts at Rick’s Heating & Cooling today!

Furnace Repair Technicians in Wyoming, OH

No matter what your furnace repair needs are, call Rick’s Heating & Cooling today! Our highly trained and experienced technicians can help you with all your furnace services and keep your home warm and comfortable through the coldest months in Wyoming. Contact us today to schedule service!

Wyoming Furnace Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance Services

Rick’s Heating & Cooling has been serving the Wyoming, Ohio area for over three decades and our licensed HVAC technicians can help solve not only your furnace repair problems but also all of your heating needs including furnace installationreplacement, and tune-ups.