24-Hour Air Conditioner Repair in Greater Cincinnati

At Rick’s Heating & Cooling, we realize that an air conditioning breakdown is a true emergency for Morrow-area homeowners. That’s why we offer emergency AC repair 24/7 to get your cooling system back up and running, anytime you need us. Sudden AC failure, by definition, occurs when you most need your AC. A home that’s without cooling in mid-summer becomes more than uncomfortable; it can be unhealthy.

For emergency air conditioner repair services in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas, call Rick’s Heating & Cooling immediately at 513-899-6005!

Get Emergency AC Repairs Around the Clock

You need your cooling system to help you sleep through the night in the Cincinnati mid-summer heat. Without proper sleep, your health suffers and productivity goes down sharply, making it difficult to care for those who need you. Accidents, injuries and illness are all much more common when you are sleep deprived.

An AC outage in mid-day can be even worse, especially if you have children, seniors, or pets at home. They are vulnerable to heat exhaustion and dehydration—and they can’t always tell or inform others that they’re in an emergency situation.

For all these reason, you can always call on the AC experts at Rick’s when you need emergency HVAC service in Maineville, Lebanon, Mason, or Cincinnati. We’ll rush to your home from our headquarters in Morrow, OH.

Got an AC emergency? Contact Rick’s anytime—day or night! Call 513-899-6005 to restore your home comfort.

Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in Southwestern Ohio

At Rick’s, we want to make sure you always enjoy a healthy and comfortable home. Home comfort and indoor air quality are our business. Call on us in case of cooling system breakdown, and you’ll receive prompt, expert service 24/7/365.

As soon as we hear from you, one of our mobile AC repair units will be on the way to evaluate your AC repair issue. Our friendly technicians are trained to diagnose your AC problem quickly, clearly explain recommended repairs and any options—and provide an accurate cost estimate. Your questions about your cooling system’s condition are welcome and once we get the OK, we’ll restore your cool home comfort in no time. We come prepared with commonly needed AC parts on our repair truck, so we can usually complete repairs in a single visit.

When your AC suddenly goes out in greater Cincinnati—just call on Rick’s. Contact us at 513-899-6005, right now.

How to Prevent Cincinnati AC Emergencies

Not all AC burn-outs are preventable in southern Ohio’s extreme heatwaves, so never hesitate to call Rick’s for emergency service when you need us. However, we suggest you try these tips to enjoy uninterrupted cool comfort in your Morrow area home:

  • Scheduling regular AC maintenance is the number one secret to uninterrupted home cooling. Maintenance can prevent expensive repairs, since we can catch (and replace) worn parts early. Have an HVAC system tune-up each spring and fall to prevent most emergencies. Cost-effective air conditioner tune-ups help ensure consistent peak performance and energy efficiency, keeping energy bills lower. Our thorough professional cleaning, lubrication, and air conditioner checkup extends system life.
  • Change your air filter often during periods of heavy AC usage, to prevent breakdowns, keep air conditioner equipment in top shape, and improve indoor air quality.

Signs You Need to Schedule Air Conditioner Repair

Call for repairs and help avoid an AC emergency if you notice:

  • Strange loud noises: Possible fan belt problem or other issues.
  • Frozen air conditioner coils: Potential refrigerant leak or clogged filter. (Refrigerant leakage can burn out an expensive-to-replace AC compressor.)
  • Leaking air conditioner: Possible drain blockage/corroded drain pan. Leaks also encourage unhealthy mold growth and wood rot in your home.
  • AC not cooling or blowing warm air: Call for air conditioner inspection/diagnosis.

Call Rick’s for Cincinnati 24-Hour Air Conditioner Repair

We understand the hassle and inconvenience of a broken air conditioner, which is why at Rick’s Heating & Cooling, we minimize inconvenience with our reliable AC repair service. On the day of your scheduled repair, we’ll give you a 2-hour window so you’ll know when to expect us. Additionally, we’ll inspect your entire cooling system in order to diagnose the problem.

For air conditioner repair in Maineville, Morrow, Lebanon, Mason, or Cincinnati, Ohio, contact Rick’s Heating & Cooling today, or fill out one of our easy-to-use contact forms!