Air Conditioning Repair & Services in Middletown, Ohio

When your air conditioner falters and fails, the last thing you want is to have to wait for weeks to have it repaired. At Rick’s Heating & Cooling, we won’t make you wait while the sweltering heat and rising humidity make you uncomfortable. Our teams of certified HVAC specialists understand the critical importance of your air conditioning systems, and we work hard to provide the fast, friendly service families throughout Middletown, Ohio, know they can expect from our professional team.

We provide fast, friendly service and offer free estimates for all of our HVAC services. When you want superior service and dependable workmanship from a team you can trust, contact Rick’s Heating & Cooling at 513-899-6005 or contact us online!

Air Conditioning Services in Middletown, OH

The certified, licensed, and insured team at Rick’s Heating & Cooling can handle all of your air conditioning needs in Middletown, Ohio. We are happy to perform air conditioner system installations and replacements, preventive maintenance, emergency repairs, and more! Our expert HVAC service technicians can perform these tasks quickly, safely, and in accordance with all applicable building codes and manufacturer requirements.

Our air conditioning services include:

Common Reasons for Air Conditioning Repair in Middletown

While properly maintained air conditioners are reliable, they can falter and fail beneath the heavy load of a hot summer day. When temperatures in Warren and Butler counties get too hot, we’re ready to help! Some of the most common reasons air conditioners in Middletown fail include:

  • Dislodged or malfunctioning fan belt: This can cause loud, wailing noises. When the fan belt fails, the noise will get louder and louder until it’s replaced. It’s a common problem that we can resolve quickly and effectively. 
  • Frozen coils: This can happen if you don’t change your air conditioner filters. They can also be the result of more complex problems, including refrigerant leaks. It’s important to repair this problem quickly because it can cause the compressor to burn out if left unaddressed. 
  • Leaks: A leaky air conditioner can facilitate mold and mildew growth and even cause water damage to your home. If your system is leaking and your AC condensate drain stops working, we can replace your rusted condensate pan, clear any blockages in the drainpipe, and fix the problem!
  • Insufficient cooling: Even when there are no obvious signs of damage to your air conditioner, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. A number of issues can cause insufficient or inconsistent cooling. We will thoroughly inspect the system and determine whether it’s a faulty component, blocked vent, or malfunctioning thermostat causing the problem.

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When you need air conditioning services in Middletown, OH, you can always depend on our team to provide fast, reliable service. Whether we’re performing an AC tune-up, installation, or replacement, we will give you the advice, recommendations, and reliable workmanship you deserve. 

Our experienced technicians are always ready to help our clients solve their AC issues in Middletown! Call us at (513) 899-6005 to speak with our team today and schedule service for your air conditioning systems in Middletown, OH!