Ductwork Repair in Cincinnati, OH

If your ductwork is damaged, you could be wasting hundreds of dollars on your energy bills. Your ductwork system is what takes warmed or cooled air from your HVAC system to each room in your home. A ductwork that is damaged is preventing your heating and cooling system from operating at maximum energy efficiency and requires professional repair.

For ductwork repair in the Morrow, Ohio area (including Lebanon, Mason, Maineville, Kings Mill, and more), contact Rick’s Heating & Cooling. Our HVAC technicians can repair your ductwork system and ensure that all your systems work together as they should.

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Reasons for Ductwork Repair

Ductworks can get damaged for a number of reasons, all of which require professional inspection and repair from licensed HVAC technicians.

Common reasons for ductwork repair include:

Rodents and Animals

Some animals like to chew on ductwork (especially the flexible plastic units), which can create holes and tears. These become places where your warmed and cooled air can escape rather than be directed to different rooms in your home.

Age and Corrosion

Older homes may need repair or replacement on their ductwork due to old age and the elements.

Damage from Home Maintenance

Ducts can be easily crushed or damaged during routine home maintenance service. An accidental misstep may require you to schedule ductwork repair if workers have been in your home installing plumbing, cable/Internet, or any other work that required them to go into the attic or crawl space.

Damage from Home Repairs

If you’ve been doing home repairs—including installing new floors, ceiling, walls, or fixtures—you may require ductwork repair. Usually these home improvements are located near vent areas or joints in the ductwork and damage can easily occur.

Benefits of Professional Ductwork Repair

Repaired ductwork can lead to increased energy efficiency throughout your home. It can also:

  • Help decrease monthly utility bills
  • Improve airflow throughout your home
  • Create consistent heating and cooling from room to room
  • Prevent costly repairs on your HVAC system
  • And more!

Schedule Ductwork Repair in Morrow & Surrounding Ohio Areas

If your HVAC isn’t performing efficiently or you’re suffering from inconsistent temperatures room-to-room, your ductwork might be to blame! One of our licensed and certified technicians can come to your home to diagnose the source of your problem—sometimes all your ductwork needs is a minor repair to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

We also offer ductwork installation and fabrication, duct sealing, and sizing and resizing. Our HVAC technicians can provide ductwork repair and service in your Ohio home, including those in:

  • Amelia
  • Blanchester
  • Fairfield
  • Franklin
  • Goshen
  • Kings Mill
  • Lebanon
  • Liberty Township
  • Loveland
  • Mainveille
  • Mason
  • Middletown
  • Milford
  • Monroe
  • Morrow
  • Mt. Orab
  • Oregonia
  • South Lebanon
  • Springboro
  • Waynesville
  • West Chester
  • Williamsburg
  • Wilmington
  • Wyoming