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How to Stay Warm When Your Furnace Breaks Down

October 29, 2013

There’s nothing worse than waking up shivering in the dead of winter because your furnace isn’t working properly. Despite good heating practices in your home and scheduling annual furnace inspections, a furnace breakdown can happen to the best of us in Cincinnati.  If your furnace breaks down and your home is no longer being heated, […]

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Cincinnati Homeowner’s Guide to Buying a Furnace

October 18, 2013

If you’re ready to buy a new furnace for your Cincinnati home, there are many decisions to make—what size furnace do you need? What model or make should you choose? How do you select which heating company to install the furnace?

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What Should I Do With My Air Conditioner This Winter?

October 11, 2013

Now that fall has settled into the Cincinnati area, you may be enjoying this mini-break from high energy bills—you don’t need your air conditioner running constantly and you don’t yet need your gas furnace or heat pump to keep you warm. But with heating season just around the corner, are you properly preparing your air […]

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10 Ways to Save Money on Heating in Ohio

October 8, 2013

While winter in the Cincinnati area can mean snow ball fights with the family, decorating for the holidays, and a ride on the “North Pole Express” around LM&M Railroad Junction, it can also mean a huge increase in heating bills and energy costs to keep your family and home comfortably warm all season. Installing a […]

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