Emergency Duct Repair

Are your ducts in need of a repair—and fast? A home’s ductwork is crucial for the warm or cool air to get distributed throughout the home. If your ductwork is hanging by a thread or has a gaping hole, your home’s temperature could suffer. When you need a repair—and fast—count on the experts at Rick’s Heating & Cooling. We can repair ducts throughout Southwestern Ohio, including:

  • Morrow
  • Deer Park
  • Loveland
  • Lebanon
  • Middletown
  • And more!

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Why Ducts Need to be Repaired

Ductwork does not often need to be repaired; however, when it does, your comfort could suffer. There are a number of reasons why ducts can get damaged. When they do get damaged, be sure to contact an expert to fix the problem.

Common reasons of ductwork repair include:

Rodents & animals – some animals like to chew on ductwork (especially the flexible plastic units), which can create holes and tears. These become places where your warmed and cooled air can escape rather than be directed to different rooms in your home.

Age & corrosion – older homes may need repair or replacement on their ductwork due to old age and the elements. Often, corroded ducts will see holes—which is where your warm air is leaking from. Call the HVAC experts to solve the issue.

Home maintenance & repair – ducts can be easily crushed or damaged during routine home maintenance service. An accidental misstep may require you to schedule ductwork repair if workers have been in your home installing plumbing, cable/Internet, or any other work that required them to go into the attic or crawl space. If you’ve been doing home repairs—including installing new floors, ceiling, walls, or fixtures—you may require ductwork repair. Usually these home improvements are located near vent areas or joints in the ductwork and damage can easily occur.

Weather damage – in Ohio, we are lucky to not have severe weather very often; however, each year we tend to see a tornado or two as well as flooding. When this happens, homes are often damaged. If your home has been damaged from a recent weather related accident, count on Rick’s Heating & Cooling to repair your ducts.

Schedule Emergency Duct Repair

If you notice a gaping hole in your ductwork, you could be losing your warm or cool air as well as wasted money! Don’t let your ducts go without a repair, call the experts at Rick’s Heating & Cooling to schedule an emergency repair.