Benefits of a Whole-House Humidifier

December 6, 2012

Dry winter air can make it hard for you and your family members to breathe. Although your heating system keeps your home’s temperature comfortable during the winter months, it causes moisture in the air to evaporate—leaving behind dry air that can cause a scratchy throat and damage your furniture. However, installing a whole-house humidifier can help combat these problems. At Rick’s Heating & Cooling, we can schedule an estimate for a whole-house humidifier installation in Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding areas to help everyone in your family start breathing easier.

The Benefits of a Humidifier

Improved comfort – Of course, one of the most important benefits of a humidifier is that they greatly improve the comfort in your home. The EPA suggests that the humidity levels in your home stay between 30 – 50 percent—when it starts getting out of that range things can start to get very uncomfortable very quickly. Maintaining a comfortable level of humidity in your home can help prevent dry skin, chapped lips, and nosebleeds.

Improved health – As we said, there is a healthy level of humidity recommended by the EPA, and when you get outside of that range there can be negative health impacts. However, installing a whole-house humidifier can provide many health benefits, including:

  • Reducing flu, cough, and cold systems because of the moistened air
  • Reducing asthma symptoms—moisturizing the respiratory system makes breathing easier
  • Helping the throat and nose block dust and bacteria from entering
  • Increasing oxygen levels which can help reduce headaches and fatigue
  • And more

Reduced static electricity – If you have carpeted floors, you’re probably familiar with the zap of static electricity that comes with the dry air in the winter. Touching light switches and electrical equipment can be downright unpleasant—but one of the benefits of a humidifier is that the moisture in the air helps to eliminate static electricity.

Reduced heating bills – When there is more moisture in the air and the humidity level is higher, it makes your home and body feel warmer and more comfortable which can lead to lower heating bills.

Better for your furniture & hardwood – You probably spent a pretty penny on your hardwood floors, dining room table, and any other wood furniture in your home—the last thing you want is for it to dry out or crack. In addition to improving the environment for your wooden belongings, another one of the benefits of a humidifier is that it helps paint and plaster from separating and peeling.

Install a Whole-House Humidifier Today

If you’ve had enough of the dry air in your home and all the side effects that come with it, contact Rick’s Heating & Cooling today. Our highly trained HVAC technicians can install a whole-house humidifier in Cincinnati for you quickly and expertly so you can enjoy comfortable humidity levels again.  Call us to schedule your professional estimate today or learn more about the benefits of a humidifier!