Whole House Humidifier Installation Cost

June 10, 2022

If you want to keep your home comfortable, avoid irritation of your skin, eyes, and lungs, and keep things energy-efficient, controlling humidity is crucial.air humidifier

Does your home feel dry in the winter? Do your allergies get worse, your skin dry out, or your breathing problems get worse? If so, you might benefit from adding a whole-house humidifier to your home.

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What Are Whole-House Humidifiers?

A humidifier is a piece of HVAC equipment that helps manage humidity by adding moisture to the air. The operation of most HVAC systems reduces humidity in your home; while this is rarely a severe issue in the summer with AC operation, it can lead to an extremely dry home in the winter when you’re using heat often.


A whole-house humidifier is distinct from smaller portable humidifiers in that you can get well-maintained humidity throughout your home, managed from a single central system. You also won’t have to manage a water basin because a whole-house humidifier is connected to your plumbing and sources its own water.

A whole-house humidifier also keeps track of the humidity levels in your home, which allows it to properly target a comfortable level of humidity. Without this feature, excessive humidity from using a portable system can result in pests, water damage, mold growth, and inefficient heating and cooling — to say nothing of the discomfort of humid, damp air.

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Aprilaire Humidifier Costs

There are several options to consider when shopping for whole-house humidifiers, which will determine the cost of the system itself. You’ll also need to consider the cost of labor to install a humidifier, which varies with the circumstances of your HVAC system. At Rick’s Heating & Cooling, we work with high-quality units from top manufacturer Aprilaire.air humidifer

  • Aprilaire Model 500 features manual humidity control and starts at around $130. For automatic humidity control, you might spend a bit more. The system can support evaporation of as much as 0.50 gallons per hour and can comfortably humidify around 3,000 square feet of home.
  • Aprilaire Model 600 with manual controls starts at $135 and increases for automatic controls. This humidifier boasts a substantially higher evaporation capacity of 0.70 gallons per hour and supports homes up to 4,000 square feet.

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Benefits of Whole-House Humidifiers

Dry air can cause discomfort and harm people and property. With a whole-house humidifier in your home, you can stay in the narrow band of ideal humidity while using HVAC as heavily as you need to.

These benefits of ideal humidity include:

  • Excessively dry and humid environments both contribute to the harmful growth of bacteria and other microbes you don’t want in your home. They can also encourage pests and other annoyances. Dry lungs are also more susceptible to harm from these contaminants.
  • Reduced energy costs, because targeting the correct humidity level helps you feel more comfortable in your home with less temperature adjustment in the winter.
  • Improved comfort since low humidity results in itchy skin, nosebleeds, sore throats, static shocks, dry eyes, and worsened allergies.
  • Asthma and other respiratory ailments
  • Viruses and bacterial infections
  • Itchy, dry noses and eyes, including inflammation and nosebleeds
  • Sore throats and lungs
  • Dryness and itchiness of skin, skin allergies, rashes

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