When should I schedule my annual furnace inspection?

To reap the benefits of an annual heating tune-up and maximize your energy efficiency, you should schedule a professional furnace inspection in the fall—before you need to rely on your heating unit to stay warm all winter in your Ohio home.

Although many homeowners wonder why a furnace inspection by a professional HVAC technician is recommended each year, but there are many benefits that make it obvious that an annual furnace tune-up should become routine.

When you have an HVAC Precision Tune-Up performed by our pros at Rick’s Heating & Cooling, you’ll benefit from:

  • Improvements in your system’s performance
  • A maintained heating unit warranty
  • Improvements in its energy efficiency (which can result in lower utility bills!)
  • A longer lifespan for your system
  • A lower frequency of breakdowns and necessary repairs
  • Better indoor air quality
  • And more!

For both your heating and cooling inspections, you should schedule them in the months before the season in which they are needed. What would happen if you neglected to get your furnace inspected and when your heating unit finally broke down in the winter, a repair man was unable to get to your home because of the snow and wintery weather? During our 15-point inspection, our heating experts will not only clean your furnace but also discover any potential repairs or maintenance issues—before it’s too late or too cold.

It’s never too soon to schedule your furnace inspection in the Cincinnati, OH area. Call Rick’s Heating & Cooling today and keep your heating system running in optimal condition all season! Our experienced HVAC technicians can provide a complete HVAC Precision Tune-Up to keep your systems well maintained before the brutal winters arrive in Ohio. Contact us online to schedule a visit.