Furnace, AC and Heat Pump Installation in Medeira, OH

Whether you’re furnace breaks down or you need a new HVAC system installed in your home’s build-out, Rick’s Heating & Cooling has the tools and experience to provide top-quality HVAC installation in the Madeira area.

We install furnaces, heat pumps, dual fuel heat pumps, humidifiers, and ductwork in your home. To schedule an estimate from Rick’s Heating & Cooling, give us a call at 513 899-6005 or fill out our easy-to-use contact forms!

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 Air Conditioner Installation

Too hot in your home or office during the summer? Don’t sweat! Rick’s Heating & Cooling installs air conditioners throughout the Madeira area, including:

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Furnace Installation

If you need a new furnace for your Madeira area home, look no further than Rick’s Heating & Cooling. We install gas furnaces and oil furnaces at an affordable price, so you can rest assured you’ll stay warm inside when the temperature drops outside. We are a proud installer of Armstrong Air furnaces, including:

Heat Pump & Dual Fuel Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps are one of the most energy efficient HVAC systems available on the market. A heat pump uses electricity to transfer heat from indoors to outdoors, and vice versa, to act as a heating system during cooler months and a cooling system during the summer.

A dual fuel heat pump—also known as a “hybrid system”—takes advantage of multiple energy sources to most efficiently heat and cool your Madeira home or office. Since a heat pump keeps rooms comfortable through the transfer of heat, not producing heat, a dual fuel heat pump uses your property’s furnace when outdoor temperatures drop below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit) to maintain consistent temperatures. This maximizes your fuel efficiency while keeping your warm!

Ductwork Fabrication & Installation

Properly sized and installed ductwork is the key to any heating and cooling system. If sized or installed incorrectly your HVAC system may function less efficiently, resulting in an uncomfortable home and higher energy bills. Our Madeira HVAC technicians are highly trained in how to properly size and install ductwork in any building, so you can trust your home will remain comfortable all year round.

Air Cleaners & Humidifiers

At Rick’s Heating & Cooling, we have what it takes to maximize comfort in your home. We also install:

Madeira’s Trusted HVAC Installer

If you’re looking for a family-friendly HVAC contractor in Madeira then look no further. We know how valuable your time is, which is why we book our appointments within a 2-hour window with the availability of call ahead service, so you’ll know when we’re on our way to your location.

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