When To Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up in Cincinnati, OH

January 2, 2024

Part of responsible furnace ownership is ensuring your system receives the ongoing maintenance it needs to remain fully operational. But how often do furnaces require a professional tune-up, and what time of year is best to schedule heating maintenance?

In this blog post, we discuss what time of year is best for Cincinnati families to schedule their furnace tune-ups, as well as what to expect during their maintenance appointments. Let’s get started!


Is a Furnace Tune-Up Necessary?

Yes, an annual furnace tune-up is a necessary part of keeping your system in top working condition. By sticking with an annual maintenance schedule, you’ll enjoy several benefits for your home comfort, including:

  • Extended Life Span: Well-maintained furnaces last longer than systems that don’t receive an annual tune-up.
  • Improved Reliability: Furnaces that receive regular tune-ups don’t break down as often or require as many repairs to remain operational.
  • Increased Efficiency: Part of a furnace tune-up’s purpose is to enhance energy efficiency so you can enjoy ongoing savings on home heating.
  • Warranty Preservation: Most manufacturer warranties require annual tune-ups to remain in effect, helping you avoid paying out of pocket for premature repairs or replacements.

What’s Included in a Furnace Tune-Up Checklist?

During a routine furnace maintenance appointment, your HVAC technician will carefully evaluate your system to ensure it operates efficiently, safely, and reliably all season long. Specific tune-up requirements may vary depending on the make and model of your furnace; however, the following tasks are commonly included on every furnace tune-up checklist:

  • Checking thermostat settings to ensure accuracy and responsivity.
  • Cleaning and inspecting burners to ensure efficient combustion.
  • Conducting a carbon monoxide test to ensure safety.
  • Inspecting ductwork for leaks or blockages.
  • Inspecting the combustion chamber on gas furnaces for signs of physical damage.
  • Lubricating and evaluating the blower motor.
  • Replacing or cleaning dirty air filters as needed.
  • Tightening and examining all electrical connections and components for safety and functionality.

How & When To Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up

Ideally, a furnace tune-up should be performed once annually prior to the winter season. It’s generally recommended to schedule your heating maintenance appointment either in late summer or early autumn to beat the seasonal rush. Homeowners can either call their trusted HVAC technician to book their furnace tune-ups themselves, or they have the option to join a maintenance plan to help take the guesswork out of their maintenance schedule.

Joining the Service Maintenance Agreement from Rick’s Heating & Cooling offers several advantages, including a 15-point precision furnace tune-up booked around your busy schedule at the exact time you need it. Customers also receive a 10% discount on heating repairs and priority service scheduling.

Trust Rick’s Heating & Cooling With Your Furnace Maintenance Needs

Whether you’re looking to join the Service Maintenance Agreement or are hoping to schedule a comprehensive furnace tune-up, Rick’s Heating & Cooling has you covered. Since 1986, we have proudly offered the comprehensive heating maintenance services that Cincinnati families trust to keep their systems running smoothly all season long.

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