What To Do if Your Pilot Light Goes Out

September 28, 2023

Your furnace’s pilot light is an important part of the furnace’s proper function. When the furnace is activated, when heat is needed, gas is released to the furnace’s main burner and is ignited by the pilot light’s flame.

The pilot light should always be burning, but sometimes it does go out. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to reignite a pilot light that’s gone out, what causes pilot lights to go out, and when it’s time to call an expert for assistance.

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How To Reignite Your Pilot Light

It’s very important that you follow the proper steps for reigniting the pilot light. The gas itself is potentially dangerous and is, of course, flammable. If the cause is more serious than a drafty furnace, you should have it serviced by a professional.

Usually, all you need for reigniting the pilot light can be found on the front of the furnace unit. This includes controls, the pilot light assembly, and instructions. If you’re unable to find the manufacturer’s instructions, follow these steps:

  1. Find the pilot light assembly. This includes a gas valve with a reset button and settings for On, Off, and Pilot.
  2. Turn the gas valve to the Off position.
  3. Wait several minutes.
  4. Turn the gas valve to the Pilot position.
  5. Hold a long-lit lighter or match to the pilot opening while pressing the pilot reset button.
  6. Keep the rest button pressed until the flame is lit and burning strongly.
  7. Release the reset button and turn the gas valve to the On position.
  8. If these steps don’t work, turn the gas valve to the Off position and call for service.

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What Causes a Pilot Light To Go Out?

Pilot lights blow out for a few possible reasons. You might be able to correct the problem yourself in some cases, though some require professional service.

  • Dirty pilot orifice: If the pilot flame burns a weak yellow instead of blue when you reignite the pilot light, the problem may be a dirty pilot orifice. Call Rick’s Heating & Cooling for professional service.
  • Draft: A sudden or steady rush of air can easily blow out the standing pilot light. Once it’s relit, check the surrounding area for the source of the draft to prevent it from happening again.
  • Faulty thermocouple: If the pilot light repeatedly goes out, the furnace’s thermocouple may need replacing. When this flame sensor fails, gas continues to flow even if the pilot light has been extinguished. This is a safety hazard and requires immediate professional repair.
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Why and When To Call an Expert?

Pilot light issues can develop into serious safety-related problems. The potential for fire or gas poisoning can grow from seemingly small issues. Call for professional service if:

  • The pilot light won’t relight
  • The pilot light repeatedly goes out
  • You smell the rotten egg smell associated with escaping gas

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